Elena Ristovska applies her own model of original expression and creates arts that follow in senses, embrace in spontaneity and conquer with their multiplicity and narration. Her craft work techniques are traditionally mastered, artfully and unobtrusively incorporated into the consciousness of today’s’ consumers and their openness towards universal, as well as modern values.

Ristovska creates forms and shapes by their stylizing and regrouping into original masterpiece without losing the real association. In her work one can recognize words from story tales, mystical symbols, emanates of the nature, but also urban elements and city perceptions, all uncategorized and mixed between each other, acting with their own transcendence. This is creativity that deserves attention because it represents complete synthesis of Ristovskas’ craft work and manages to transform her theoretical knowledge in History of Arts into aesthetical materialization.


Master of History of Art and Archeology Science

Jasmina Aleksova